Goals 2020


Twenty goals projects assignments studies things travels achievements I want to finish before 2020 ends

Make a website where i publish al my goals and share it with everyone

Finish my study and get my Msc

Go viral with something

Organize a big party

Visit a continent i’ve never been to

Buy an apartment

Get in to Berghain (and have te night of my life)

Launch a (successful) product or service

Operate my knee, get fit and play 90 minutes in my football team

Visit Sziget/Melt/FUSION or Burning men

Make a perfect cappuccino, including latte art

Get a tailor made suit

Do a good deed for a complete stranger

Take my grandparents to a festival

Get a proper full-time job

Do some volunteering in the culture scene

See Messi play

Go to the airport and book a random ticket

Start and finish a hell week

Learn to play an instrument (at least 1 song needs to be perfect)


Want to know more about me, my projects or want to help me with one of my goals? Do not hesitate and contact me at koffie@jesperbinkhuysen.nl

Made with  by me.